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Tony Gill

Managing Director

Tony Gill

About Tony

Tony has been an integral part of Evacusafe since its birth in 2005 and has been responsible for the growth of the company to its current status as an established brand across the globe.

Fully versed in all areas of the company’s operation network, from the creation of brand new innovative evacuation products, right through to building new business partnerships worldwide, and the inauguration of all newcomers within the Evacusafe brand.

As a loyal Manchester United fan (not everyone can be perfect), and regular season ticket holder, Tony has followed the club all over the world for many years.  Some of his favourite football matches took place in Barcelona, Italy, Russia, and other areas of Europe.

He is a sharp-dressed man, who loves to walk his dog “Jimmy” (aka Head of Security for Evacusafe), as well as spending quality time with his family and especially his Grandson.  When time permits, Tony likes to chillout with the lads on the golf course and looks forward to spending time in the nineteenth hole.

Fun Fact

Although viewed by most as a man of the Ginger-haired variety, Tony seriously considers himself to be ‘strawberry blonde’.  However, truth be told, Tony eagerly awaits the day when Mother Nature takes her toll and switches the strawberry bonde to grey.  Tony is keen and willing to fully embrace the ‘Silver Fox’ look.

Tony’s joke of the day

Question: What was the retired dentist’s favorite card game?

Answer: Bridge.

Contact Details

If you have any questions for Tony please get in touch using the methods below.

Email: tony@evacusafe.co.uk

Phone: 01256 332723

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