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Evacuation Chair Servicing

It is a requirement under PUWER (Provision of Work and Equipment Regulations) that a business should ensure any equipment used by its employees is maintained in efficient order and good repair.

Expert Servicing

Keeping your equipment safe with expert evacuation chair servicing by Evacusafe. Why wouldn’t you have the experts who designed and built the chair be the company to service it?  Evacusafe can provide the complete servicing solution for all your evacuation equipment.

We have experienced and qualified engineers that can travel nationwide to ensure that your equipment is kept in its optimum working condition so it’s ready to go in the event of an emergency.

And it’s not only Evacusafe equipment we can service. Regardless of the type of equipment, whether it is a tracked evacuation chair, transit/ambulance chair, powered stairclimbers or even a skipad/slider, you can rest assured we have the knowledge to meet your needs.

Once your equipment has been serviced by our engineers, we will issue a fully comprehensive report of certification for your product records.

Why would you not want a company, with vast experience in design and manufacture of evacuation equipment to assist you in meeting your requirements?

Powered Stair Climbers

The powered stair climbers that Evacusafe supply are designed as durable, low maintenance equipment.

We recommend the equipment is serviced on an annual basis by an experienced competent engineer.

The battery cells should be replaced every two years to ensure the reliability of the equipment. We can arrange professional expert servicing for your equipment to assist you in meeting your requirements with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

Evacusafe will provide a bespoke, best value, quotation to suit your specific requirements at any-time.

To book a service visit, simply call us on 01256 332723 or email info@evacusafe.net.


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