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Evacuation Chair Demonstration Videos

Demonstration Videos; on this page we offer a selection of videos, some with subtitles in a variety of languages.  Our tracked evacuation chairs are extremely easy to use and these videos show you just how. There are more videos available on the official Evacusafe YouTube channel.

In addition to the sale of this equipment, Evacusafe does offer training across the UK and on a global basis, depending on your location.  Some of our regional offices may facilitate training courses.  When using such specialist equipment in order to carry out the safe evacuation on anyone who may be suffering from restricted mobility, it is extremely important that the person using the equipment is fully trained in how to do so.  This ensures that best practice guidelines are followed and any relevant local or regional legislation, that covers the safe escape of disabled or mobility impaired persons, is fully understood and will be passed on to you by our qualified instructors.

Evacusafe’s training courses are recognised by one of the leading Health & Safety bodies within the United Kingdom; RoSpa.  This is of paramount importance when selecting your training provider as it ensures you receive the best quality training that is on the market.  Please visit or Evacuation Chair Training page for further information or get in touch via our Contact Page or by calling 01256 332723 to speak to a member of the training team today.

Tracked Evacuation Chair (Excel model)

Here's a short video showing you how to use an evacuation chair excel model to evacuate a passenger from a building via the stairs.

Evacuslider Rescue-sheet Demo Video

This video shows you how to use an EvacuSlider rescue-sheet to transport a person down a stair way.

Evacuation Chair Video (French Subtitles)

Watch this video to see a demonstration of an evacuation chair in use. This video has French subtitles.

Excel-e Powered Evacuation Chair

A demonstration video of the Excel-e powered evacuation chair builds on the strengths of our class-leading manual Excel chair with the introduction of power.

Evacuation Chair Instructional (English Subtitles)

This is a demonstration video for the use of an evac chair by Evacusafe. English subtltes are included.

Evacuation Chair Video (German Subtitles)

Evanusation chair demonstration video showing you how to use an Evacusafe evac chair. German subtltes included.

Evacuation Chair Video (Japanese Language)

Japaense language video showing which gives a demonstration of the Excel tracked evacuation chair by Evcusafe.

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