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Evacuation Chair Rentals

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We apologise for any inconvenience, however, evacuation chair rentals are currently unavailable. We will update this page as soon as anything changes.

If you would like to be notified when rentals are next available please enter your details into the form opposite.  Rest assured that a member of our team will contact you immediately to inform you of any news in relation to rentals.

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    About Chair Rentals

    Evacuation Chair Rentals; whether private & domestic or business & commercial customers, Evacusafe has chairs available for rental on either short or long-term periods depending on your individual requirement. Whether you’re wishing to hire a chair for just one day, one week or one year; we can help.

    Furthermore, delivery and collection are included in the price and we can even arrange for a chair to be delivered to you with only 48 hour’s notice if you’re in a hurry. All of our chairs are supplied with a protective cover and user manual – ready for immediate use.

    In some cases, it’s not necessary to purchase an evac chair, especially if you only require it on a temporary basis.  We have many customers who rent chairs from us on a regular basis to cover periods of time when the equipment is required; such as having an elderly or disabled relative to stay for Christmas.  We also regularly hire our chairs to event organisers for the duration of sporting, business or social events.

    The benefits of renting an evacuation chair

    There are several benefits to renting an evacuation chair from Evacusafe, including:

    1. Cost-effectiveness: Renting a chair can be more cost-effective than purchasing one outright, particularly for smaller businesses or facilities that may only need the chair occasionally.
    2. Maintenance: Prior to the rental, Evacusafe will handle all maintenance and repairs for the chairs, ensuring that they are in good working condition when needed. This can save time and money on maintenance costs and ensure that the chair is always ready for use.
    3. Access to newer models: By renting, you may have access to newer models with the latest safety features and technology, which can provide added peace of mind during an emergency situation.
    4. Flexibility: Renting allows for greater flexibility, as you can rent the chair for as long or as short a period as needed, without the commitment of purchasing.
    5. Compliance: Renting a chair from Evacusafe can help ensure that you are in compliance with any regulations or requirements related to emergency preparedness in your area.

    Overall, renting an evac chair can provide a practical and cost-effective solution for ensuring that individuals with mobility limitations can be safely evacuated in emergency situations.

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