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Evacuation chair training courses

Evacusafe is the only manufacturer to have their training courses externally approved by both RoSPA & the IIRSM – this is much better than being ‘internally accredited’.  In addition to training courses for Evacusafe’s tracked chairs, transit chairs or Evacuslider rescue mattresses, we are also able to train you on most other brands.  With Evacusafe you can train on-site, where a qualified trainer visits you, or you can train online at a computer at your place of work.

The benefits of evac chair training courses:

Our training courses offer peace of mind by imparting the knowledge and skills needed to safely use evacuation chairs in emergencies. Participants learn about different evac chair types, their features, and their benefits, along with proper setup and usage procedures, including safe transfers for individuals with mobility limitations.

Trainees will build confidence in responding to emergencies, ensuring safety for all. They will also acquire effective teamwork skills, including communication and coordination for safely navigating stairs and uneven surfaces.

Overall, the peace of mind that comes with our chair training courses can be invaluable, helping individuals feel more prepared and capable in the face of emergencies. This can also help to reduce stress and anxiety during these situations, allowing individuals to focus on the task at hand and help ensure the safety of themselves and others.  You can view our selection of evacuation chairs here.

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Key components of our training courses:

  1. Chair familiarization: Understanding the various components and features of the evacuation chair, including setup and deployment.
  2. User transfer techniques: Learning safe and effective methods for transferring individuals from wheelchairs or other mobility aids to the chair.
  3. Stairwell navigation: Training on navigating stairwells while using the chairs, including proper techniques for descending stairs safely.
  4. Emergency preparedness: Preparing personnel to respond effectively to various emergency scenarios, such as fires, earthquakes, or building escapes.
  5. Clear communication: Emphasizing the importance of clear and reassuring communication with chair users during the escape process.
  6. Regular practice: Encouraging regular drills and practice sessions to maintain proficiency and build confidence among personnel.
  7. Challenges awareness: Understanding of the challenges encountered by individuals with mobility impairments.
  8. Legislation awareness: Learn about the latest UK laws concerning the requirements to provide the chance of a safe escape for all; and the importance of inclusivity.

Customer review

“Thank you so much for sorting everything out for us!  The chairs are amazing, and Dave the trainer was fantastic! All in all the service you have provided us with has been 1st class”.
(Kathy Byrne – Venue Manager, Culture Coventry CV Life)

5 star review

Customer review

“Enjoyed working with Evacusafe, from booking to delivery of the course, what a great service.  Invaluable information was shared and the practice of using the chair was of real benefit to us all”.
(Leeds Student Medical Practice)

5 star review

Customer review

“I would just like to officially thank you on behalf of the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust for the speedy demonstration and supply of these wonderful chairs. The impressive demonstration on the 19 Oct and subsequent delivery of the chairs on the 20 Oct 17 were most impressive and the Trust has nothing but praise for your organisation”.
Dave Gibson – Royal Naval Benevolent Trust

5 star review

Customer review

“Regarding the training I would like to say that all of us enjoyed it very much. It was excellently presented and everyone agreed that the trainer had a good manner with everyone and had a great teaching style. I would have no hesitation in using your company again or recommending it to other departments.”
Eileen Bone – Pearson Professional Centre

5 star review

On-site Training Courses

Superior On-site Bespoke, Fully-certified Courses

Our onsite courses can be tailored for most types of Evacuation Chair, Transport Chair and Rescue-sled (not only the Evacusafe brand).  This face to face style of training is very effective.

We will provide you and your staff with the practical, hands-on experience, and the knowledge required to give you the peace of mind of knowing how to safely operate the equipment and how to carry out a safe evacuation of mobility impaired people.

In addition to Basic Operator training courses, we also provide Key Trainer Courses; these are also commonly know as ‘Train the Trainer’ courses and enable you to provide your own future staff training courses.

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eLearning Courses

Basic Introductory eLearning Courses

Our e-learning courses are cost-effective and provide excellent value for money enabling ‘own pace learning’, and also an excellent option to refresh the knowledge of those who have previously had onsite operator training.

E-learning courses only provide awareness education. Face-to-face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

Why a course for two people?  If, for example, the only trained person was off sick or on holiday or perhaps away at a conference or maybe attending an offsite training course, having additional trained persons ensures you have enough staff to provide the duty of care if the worse was to happen.


Please note: our e-learning courses are currently being revamped.

Please call 01256 332723 for further information about our online training options as we are currently revamping our eLearning courses.

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