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Dave Della-Savina

UK Operations Manager

Dave Della-Savina

About Dave

Dave has worked for Evacusafe for many years now and knows the products and services inside-out.  He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the required provision or all kinds of evacuation equipment for a huge range of different scenarios.

As well as undertaking the daily tasks of the UK Operations Manager, Dave also takes care of product demonstrations, site assessments and on-site training courses.

An avid follower, and lifelong fan, of Chelsea Football Club, which has been bred into him over many generations.  Dave is also a lover of spending time in the outdoors, which he makes time for whenever possible.

He is a dedicated family guy, husband and father, who enjoys sharing a naughty joke or two to keep people entertained.  But please be warned he has never won an award for any joke he has told and most likely never will do.  So, please humour him with a friendly smile or fake laugh when he lets rip with his latest funny lines.

Fun Fact

Not exactly known for his amazing dress sense, Dave has been quoted on a number of occasion saying “If people will stare at me, I may as well make it worth their while.”

Dave’s joke of the day

Question: What is the difference between a poorly dressed man on a bicycle and a well-dressed man on a tricycle?

Answer: Attire

Contact Details

If you have any questions for Dave please get in touch using the methods below.

Email: dave@evacusafe.co.uk

Phone: 01256 332723

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