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How to train personnel on evacuation chair safety

Comprehensive Guide: Training Personnel on Evacuation Chair Safety

Evacuation chairs are crucial tools for ensuring the safety of individuals with mobility impairments during building escapes. However, their effective use relies heavily on the knowledge and training of personnel responsible for operating them. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the importance of training personnel on chair safety and provide a comprehensive overview of the training process.

The Vital Significance of Personnel Training

Proper training of personnel on evacuation chair safety is vital for several compelling reasons:

  1. User Safety: The primary objective is to ensure the safety of the chair user. Personnel must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to operate the chair safely during emergency exits.
  2. Legal Compliance: In many regions, including the United Kingdom, legal obligations necessitate the provision of evac facilities for individuals with disabilities. Compliance with training standards is often a legal requirement.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Effective training contributes to the efficient and swift use of the chairs. Trained personnel can execute emergency exit strategies and procedures confidently and safely.

Key Aspects of Personnel Training

The training of personnel on evacuation chair safety encompasses several key aspects:

1. Chair Familiarization

Personnel should receive comprehensive training in the operation and deployment of the chairs. This includes understanding how to set up and deploy the chair, as well as operate its moving parts, such as wheels and brakes.

2. User Transfer Techniques

An essential aspect of training is teaching personnel how to safely transfer individuals from wheelchairs or other mobility aids to the chair. This process requires proper techniques to ensure user comfort and safety.

3. Stairwell Navigation

Personnel must be trained in the correct techniques for navigating stairwells while using the chairs. This includes understanding weight distribution and balance to avoid accidents during stair descent.

4. Emergency Preparedness

Training programs should cover emergency preparedness, including how to respond to various emergency scenarios. This knowledge equips personnel to handle high-stress situations effectively.

5. Clear Communication

Effective communication is a crucial part of training. Personnel should be trained in clear communication with chair users, offering reassurance and guidance during escapes.

6. Regular Refresher Training

To maintain proficiency and keep skills up to date, regular refresher training sessions are essential. These sessions ensure that personnel are always prepared for emergency situations.

Legal Compliance and Training Standards

Compliance with evacuation chair safety training standards is essential to reduce risks and enhance user safety. In the United Kingdom, these standards include BS 9999, BS 8300-2, and BS 5588-8, which provide guidance on fire safety and accessible building design.

Training Implementation

To effectively train personnel on evacuation chair safety, consider the following steps:

  1. Training Programs: Utilize comprehensive training programs designed specifically for evac chair operations. These programs should cover all the key aspects mentioned earlier.
  2. Certified Instructors: Ensure that training is conducted by certified instructors with expertise in chair safety. They should be equipped to answer questions and provide hands-on training.
  3. Documentation: Keep detailed records of personnel training, including dates, topics covered, and individuals who completed the training.
  4. Regular Practice: Encourage regular practice and drills to keep skills sharp and build confidence among personnel.


Training personnel on evacuation chair safety is not only a matter of compliance but a fundamental aspect of safeguarding lives during emergencies. By providing effective training in chair operation, user transfer techniques, stairwell navigation, and clear communication, you create a skilled and prepared team ready to respond to any emergency scenario.

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