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Why do evacuation chairs have tracks as well as wheels?

A match made in Heaven

Tracked evacuation chairs are an essential piece of kit when it comes to helping someone who struggles with mobility issues, such as a wheelchair user, who needs to exit a building via a stairway either via ascent or descent.  The chair needs to as manoeuvrable as possible for the handler.  The tracks and wheels make the perfect partnership for maximum manoeuvrability.  The chairs have been designed to automatically use both technologies for specific roles.

What are the wheels for?

The wheels enable the evacuation chair to be pushed along flat surfaces, such as floors and landings to the stairway.  They make it very lightwork to steer.  With the evacuee safely secured inside the chair via a safety harness for security and comfort.

What are the tracks for?

The tracks come into play when the chair is tilted back ready to go up or down the stairs.  They are specially designed to cause friction between the stairs and the chair in order to make the chair stick to the stairs and therefore easy to manoeuvre.  Therefore, the tracks make the chair safe and easy to use on stairs when carrying a passenger.

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Are evac chairs adjustable to carry people of variable size/weight?

All chairs have a weight limit which should be stated on the manufacturer’s website or brochure.  Evacuation chairs should be able to carry a range of people from small children up to bariatric patients.

Evacusafe’s tracked evacuation chairs are strong and have a load capacity ranging from 150kg to 227kg, depending on which model you chose.  Our team can advise you on which chair/s will suit you building best.

Wheels for flat surfaces and tracks for stairs



It’s quite simple and very practical really.  The wheels and tracks are all required for maximum manoeuvrability and safety. Find out whether you require evacuation chairs at your premises.

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Do I require evacuation chairs at my premises?

Types of evacuation chairs

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