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What are evacuation chairs?

Evacuation chairs are indispensable devices designed for safely transporting individuals with mobility challenges, particularly during emergencies such as fires or building escapes.

Those who may require the use of evacuation chairs include individuals with disabilities, the elderly, or anyone with limited mobility. The benefits of having these chairs are numerous, as they facilitate the swift and secure safe escape of individuals who may encounter difficulties navigating stairs independently.

By ensuring inclusivity in emergency preparedness, these chairs contribute to a comprehensive safety strategy within various facilities, aligning with regulatory standards and prioritizing the welfare of all occupants.  Therefore, offering the chance of a safe escape to everyone.  Providing a means of safe escape for all is a legal requirement.

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Why would someone require an evacuation chair?

  1. Mobility impairments: People with mobility impairments, such as those who use wheelchairs, and walkers, or have difficulty walking, may be unable to descend or ascend stairs quickly or safely during an emergency.
  2. Injuries: Individuals with temporary injuries, such as a broken leg or ankle, may find it challenging to use stairs during their recovery period and require assistance.
  3. Medical conditions: People with certain medical conditions, like heart problems, respiratory issues, or neurological disorders, may lack the physical stamina or ability to navigate stairs during an emergency.
  4. Elderly individuals: Older individuals may experience reduced strength and balance, making it difficult to navigate stairs under stressful conditions.
  5. Obesity: Individuals who are obese might face mobility limitations that make it challenging to evacuate a building via stairs.
  6. Pregnant women: Pregnant women, particularly in advanced stages of pregnancy, may have limited mobility and find it challenging to use stairs during an emergency.
  7. Injured arms or hands: Individuals with injuries to their arms or hands that affect their grip may require assistance on stairs.
  8. Visual or hearing impairments: People with visual or hearing impairments may need assistance during an evacuation to ensure they can safely navigate stairs and reach a safe location.

 Key features of evacuation chairs:

  1. Foldable design: Evacusafe’s chairs have a foldable, compact design, making them easy to store in a designated location on each floor of a building.
  2. Wheels and tracks: Our chairs are equipped with wheels and tracks that allow the chair to move smoothly up and down stairs, providing stability and control during descent and ascent. Track chairs descend using friction to slow the descent.
  3. Safety straps and restraints: Our chairs incorporate safety straps and restraints to secure the individual in the chair and prevent them from falling during the escape.
  4. Ergonomic handles: The chairs have ergonomic handles for the operator to control the descent and ascent.
  5. Sturdy construction: You can feel confident that our chairs are built to withstand the stress of descending and ascending stairs, and they are typically constructed from strong materials like aluminium or steel.
  6. Weight capacity: Each chair is designed to accommodate different weight capacities, so they can be used for various individuals.

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