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How to Safely and Comfortably Use an Evacusafe Rescue-Sheet?

An Evacusafe Evacuslider rescue sheet may be an integral part of your emergency evacuation plan and it is imperative that you and your staff know how to use them safely and correctly and be aware of any common issues that you may face during the evacuation. After all, they are very common in certain settings and a cost-effective piece of evacuation equipment for any emergency evacuation.

Some people may be hesitant to use this piece of equipment because they think it is uncomfortable or unsafe. This document will teach you how to correctly set up and use the Evacuslider so that both safety and comfort are ensured for the mobility impaired person or disabled person in need of rescue during an emergency situation.

Safety and comfort are the two most important aspects for a patient or evacuee who is strapped into an Evacusafe. The Evacuslider rescue-sheet provides both, but it must be used correctly in order to provide an accurate service and a safe escape. Thankfully this can be achieved with ease.

evacuslider-being-pulled-along-floorFully certified training courses

Evacusafe UK does offer professional fully certified training courses which teach you everything you need to know. Knowing how to correctly use this is equipment is of paramount importance.   Simply call our office on 01256 332723 if you are interested in a training course for you or your staff.

Getting started

The first thing you need to do is removed the Evacuslider from the zipped bag and lay it in place, ready for the patient to be transferred into it.

An Evacuslider rescue-sheet is essentially a thick foam mattress that is designed to strap a patient into and the super smooth underside aids in sliding the patient to a place of safety during an emergency.

Once the Evacuslider is in place you need to transfer the patient into it and adjust the adjustable safety straps accordingly so that they are secure and hold the patient in place. Once the patient feels secure, you’re ready to go.

Use the pulling handles at the end of the Evacuslider to slide the patient along the floor, through corridors towards the closet, and the safest stairway. In order to descend and stairs, you will require two trained operatives, one at each end of the slider, to manouvre the patient down the stairs to a place of safety.

You may find in many older hospitals and care homes you’ll need to navigate narrow corridors and some horizontal evacuation will be required via level surfaces.

When descending stairways, especially mild spiral stairs, you need to be mindful of avoiding causing any manual handling injuries to ensure a safe evacuation.  A modern multi level building is more likely to have purpose-built fire escapes.  You can view our full range of evacusliders by clicking here.

Why not view our special evacuslider for larger people here?  And if you’re wondering where a rescue sheet should be stored, we have an article written for you here.

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