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Can rescue-sheets carry patients of differing sizes?

Rescue-sheets are designed for emergency situations where a patient is required to be moved to a place of safety, they are a vital aid. However, there’s a question of whether they can be used to rescue patients of differing sizes. If you’re wondering where a rescue sheet should be stored, we have written an article on that here.

From small children to bariatric adults, everyone needs to be catered for if a rescue sheet is to be used. This article discusses how rescue-sheets have been updated to be suitable for use in all situations and why this innovation is such an important investment for the health industry.

Rescue-sheets are a part of any rescue kit, and there is no doubting their usefulness in an emergency. The question many people have asked however is can they be used for patients of all sizes? From small children to bariatric adults, everyone needs to be catered for. To answer this is very simple when it comes to Evacusafe.

adjustable-evacuslider-in-use-on-stairsEvacusafe are leading innovators

Thanks to the research and development team at Evacusafe, rescue sheets are now capable of carrying any patient, no matter what their size may be.

This is because a range of rescue-sheet has been designed to cater to a variety of patients regardless of their width, length, and weight so that they can carry an individual who needs assistance.

The Standard Model by Evacusafe

Some elements rescue-sheets have in common is they are all comfortable thick foam mattress, water-resistant, with a super smooth underside which makes them easy to manoeuvre.   All rescue-sheets use more than one safety strap to secure the patient in place. They are not a stretcher and they are cheaper to buy than an evacuation chair. Sometimes they are referred to as an evacuation sheet. Safe evacuation from hazardous situations is the name of the game. Whether you need to escape via narrow corridors, confined space, rough terrain, or stairs, they are a superb tool.

Evacusafe’s Standard Model Evacuslider is especially cost-effective and does the job. However, it does lack flexibility when it comes to the size of the patient. This is where the next two models come into their own.

The Premium Adjustable Evacuslider by Evacusafe

The Premium Adjustable Evacuslider is a rescue-sheet that provides an extra level of comfort for the patient. It can be adjusted to suit all body types and weights, which makes it ideal for any emergency situation.

This model also goes one step further than its predecessor by providing straps to secure the person in place during transport.

Although it was developed with smaller adults and even children in mind, it is also possible to adjust the straps in order to safely fit larger people.

The Premium Plus Evacuslider by Evacusafe

This model has been specifically designed to assist with the horizontal evacuation of larger persons, including bariatric patients.

Whilst some rescue sheets can carry patients of all sizes, this one is capable of going the extra mile and safely securing a larger person of up to 182kg.

So, the answer to the main question is YES! Rescue-sheets can carry patients of all sizes.

Also, know as a ‘rescue-mattress’, they are designed to be an emergency evacuation tool, which is cost-effective and suitable for any size of patient.

Evacuslider Rescue-sheets

You can view our range of Evacuslider rescue sheets here.

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