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Does evacuation equipment require maintenance?

Annual maintenance is essential.  Although all of our evacuation equipment is made from the most durable equipment and every chair is inspected by a professional Evacusafe engineer before it leaves the warehouse, we still recommend all equipment is inspected and services annually.

Why would you not want a company, with vast experience in the design and manufacture of evacuation equipment to assist you in meeting your requirements?

Once your equipment has been serviced by our engineers, we will issue a fully comprehensive report of certification for your product records.

Why have your equipment annually serviced?

This ensures your chair will be in pristine working order if the time comes where you need to use it.  It is paramount that an annual service takes place and there is now government guidelines available in the form of PUWER Regulations (Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations 1998).

PUWER Regulations are designed to cover general workplaces such as offices, shops, hospitals, care homes, building sites, farms, factories, and anywhere that work equipment and machinery is used.

It is intended to be used as guidance for professional health and safety inspections by safety professionals who provide health and safety services for medium to large companies (eg trainers and officers).

The document is also intended to be used by law enforcement officers and on occasion by HSE inspectors and other legal professionals.

Evacusafe maintenance and servicing

Evacusafe has a team of professionally qualified engineers who regularly visit customers all over the UK.  Because we actually manufacture the chairs, our staff know the chairs inside out and can easily detect a problem that may have occurred.

We are also able to service other brands too.

Our specialist engineers are qualified and experienced in maintaining and servicing other brands of equipment too.  Simply call the office and enquire whether we can cover your equipment.

Do your evac chairs come with a warranty?

Yes, Evacusafe provides a warranty on its products.  The following guarantees apply any against faulty materials or workmanship:

  • Tracked Chairs (Excel & Standard) – 2 years on all working parts 6 years for tracks/belts and chair frame. • Transit Chairs (4 Wheel & Tri Wheel) – 1 year all parts.
  • The Evacuslider Rescue-sheets (Premium Plus, Premium Adjustable & Standard) – 1 year all parts.
  • Powered Stair Climbers (PT S 130/160, PTS Fold 130/160 & PT R) – 2 years on drive motors and transmission, 1 year on other working parts & 6 months on the battery.

What is not covered via the warranty?

It’s essential that anyone planning to use the equipment watches the instructional DVD (included in the product box) prior to operating the equipment.  This is to ensure the correct use of the equipment, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The warranty applies to the repair or replacement of a product found to be defective in material or workmanship and not improper use.

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from; unreasonable use, incorrect use (such as the movement of anything other than people) neglect in the respect of non-servicing or maintenance (as per the schedules provided) alterations or modifications by any third party other than Evacusafe or its appointed agents, overloading, use on external non-covered stairways (tracked chairs only), sabotage or wilful misuse.


Yes, your escape equipment requires an annual service.  This will keep you in line with PUWER Regulations and will also give you peace of mind that the equipment is in full working order, should it be required during an emergency exit.  Your legal and moral obligations will be taken care of also.

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