Powered Stairclimber (PTR 130/160)

There are many reasons why somebody cannot manage stairs alone for a short period of time, or perhaps permanently. For people who need assistance, powered stairclimbers are easy to use, safe and can be operated without excessive effort.

Basement, ground floor, first floor, garden – powered stairclimbers from Evacusafe can get your whole house back. Plus, the everyday things such as going to the doctor’s or post office, visiting friends and relatives, travelling by plane or train, going to the theatre or an exhibition – everything becomes much easier again.

Evacusafe currently offer 2 models, the PT S and the PT Fold both available with 2 weight load options.

The PTR is a tracked stairclimber that helps you safely convey wheelchair users up and down stairs that has been especially developed for operating on straight steps. Wheelchair users can now move around more freely and helpers no longer need to strain their backs on the stairs.

It‘s so easy – simply release two levers to dismantle the PTR into two easily portable parts.

  • Electronic overload protection
  • Electronic tilting sensor incl. speed control
  • Acoustic and visual driving angle warning
  • Integrated diagnosis system
  • Operation time read out system
  • Drive direction LED
  • Emergency stop pushbutton
  • Prevents exceeding power capability
  • Ensure you stay in correct position and rate of ascent/descent
  • See and hear if you stray beyond the recommended angles
  • Provides checks on the units performance
  • See how unit charge is left for use
  • Additional lamination for darker areas
  • For any unforeseen circumstances
  • Total machine weight: 39 kg
  • Handle weight: 11 kg
  • Climbing unit weight: 28 kg
  • Max load (wheel chair and passenger): 130 kg /160 kg
  • 3 speeds (per minute): 4.5 m/5.5 m/6.5 m
  • Stair incline: 35°
  • Height: 930 mm
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Overall length base unit: 980 mm
  • Overall length incl. handle unit: 1380 mm
  • Landing space dimensions (min.): 970 mm x 970 mm
  • Base Unit
  • Handle Unit
  • Charging Cable
  • Lap Belt
  • Headrest
  • Grey crawler tracks
  • Backrest cushion
  • Ramp


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Stair Climber PTR with Wheelchair

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