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What Are The Benefits of Transit Chairs

Transit chairs (also known as Ambulance Chairs) are used in care homes, hospitals and by Ambulance and Patient Transport Services every single day.  The proof really is in the pudding.  They are used to move patients safely from one location to another.  As an example: in a hospital, a patient may be required to be moved from their hospital ward to a specialist clinic, perhaps X-ray or MRI.

It only takes one staff member to use the transit chair and they are ideal for going in lifts to get to a different floor.  As we all know, most hospitals are colossal in size with wards and clinics on multiple floors.

Although transit chairs can be used to transport a patient up or down stairways, they are not designed to in the same way as Evacuation Chairs (which do the job nicely and a lot easier).

Other Benefits Worth Mentioning

  • Helps reduce total weight when a person is in the chair
  • Acts like a wheelchair for easy manoeuvrability when on level ground
  • The client feels secure once safety belt fastened
  • Flat seat and footrest help to relax the client
  • Integrated handles ensure the chair is carried in the correct position
  • Handle and the seat can be folded down to minimise the size
  • Ideal for flat surfaces
  • Minimal training required
  • Can be operated by one staff member

Transit Chairs are often used to transport patients from an ambulance to clinical appointments and back.

Care Homes use Transit Chairs as their main form of patient transport unless a bed is being used to move a patient.

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