Powered Stairclimber (PT Fold 130/160)

There are many reasons why somebody cannot manage stairs alone for a short period of time, or perhaps permanently. For people who need assistance, powered stairclimbers are easy to use, safe and can be operated without excessive effort.

Basement, ground floor, first floor, garden – powered stairclimbers from Evacusafe can get your whole house back. Plus, the everyday things such as going to the doctor’s or post office, visiting friends and relatives, travelling by plane or train, going to the theatre or an exhibition – everything becomes much easier again.

Evacusafe currently offer 2 models, the PT S and the PT Fold both available with 2 weight load options.

Primarily designed for medical use, the PT Fold offers the simple solution for transporting patients. With 200 mm diameter wheels and a track width of just 297 mm the PT-Fold is ideal for very steep and narrow spiral staircases.

You will quickly become familiarised with the intuitive controls enabling you to get the feel for balance while operating the stairclimber. The integrated level switch is a great help in this respect. New personnel will quickly learn to handle this system with confidence.

The washable seat cover can be wiped clean and removed by simply undoing a zip.

While you are not using the chair, it can be simply folded away! Saves space at work and on the road. Being lightweight it can easily be stowed away in any vehicle. And with the in-transit charger you can recharge the battery unit on the move – so it’s ready for action whenever you are.

  • 3 speed settings
  • Single-step mode and continuous mode
  • Powerful motor
  • Strong and reliable step edge brakes
  • Ergonomic, non-slip and height-adjustable handle grips
  • Modular design and lightweight construction
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Offers user independence
  • Adjustable speed to that of the operator (up to 18 steps per minute)
  • Switch between modes to adapt to the type of stairs and surface it is being used on
  • Climbs effortlessly with people weighing up to 160 kg
  • Quick and easy to dismantle into 3 sections and can stow away in boot of car
  • Using the angle indicator for perfect balance during operation
  • Thanks to mobile charger and quick change battery pack
  • Load capacity – 130 or 160kg
  • Weight – 28kg
  • Height – 1130mm
  • Width – 430mm with seat / 482mm with handle unit
  • Max step height – 205 – 220mm
  • Range per charge – 300 – 500 steps*

*Depends on weight of passenger and whether they are travelling up or down. A quick-change battery pack is recommended for frequent use. In-transit battery charger available as an accessory.

  • Battery pack
  • Mains charger
  • Headrest
  • Lap belt
  • Operators manual
  • FREE mainland UK delivery
  • 5% discount when purchased online


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Powered Stairclimber PT Fold unfolded

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